Photovoltaic solar panels for your home

Generate your own energy with solar panels

It is the perfect energy for a home. You will generate your own electricity and you will be part of a more sustainable planet.

In SUD we design, develop and legalize the project so you could start saving money from your electricity bills as soon as possible. You will have energy for your lights, music, air conditioning and, maybe sooner than expected, your electric car. You don’t need to worry about those days or weeks when you are not at home: the energy generated then will be poured into the network and your distributor will make up for it in your next electricity bill. And if you would like to be completely self-sufficient, we also install intelligent batteries to acumulate the energy that you will use at night.

How is a solar panel installation in a home?

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These are the first cog in the wheel. The sunbeams impact on the panels and create an electric current, which we will take to your home.
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It has two main tasks. The first is to act as the orchestra conductor, as it coordinates and gathers the work of all panels. The second is to adapt that energy to your home’s reality, transforming the continuing electricity from the panels into alternating electricity of 220V (used by our sockets, household appliances, etc.).
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They are not mandatory, but you can store in them all the energy that you haven’t used during the day —when you generate the electricity thanks to the sunlight— and use it at night. This way, you will use even less external electricity.
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Digital meter

You may remember that not so long ago the meter of our homes was changed for a digital one. Well, one of its features is that it is bidirectional: it measures the electricity that goes in, and also the one that goes out. Thanks to that, your distributor will pay for the solar energy that you pour into the network because you didn’t use it. It is essential if you don’t have batteries.

Do you have a project in mind?

Use our calculator and discover how much you can save with your installation

Result of the installation of
solar panels in homes
Instalación de paneles solares en viviendas
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How much does a domestic solar panel installation cost?

It usually costs between €4.000 and €9.000, but it can reach €20.000, or even more if you are looking for greater self-sufficiency. We can’t compare a two-room apartment with a family house, for example. Our technicians will visit your home to give you an accurate budget.

The investment in domestic installations is recovered in 10 years, more or less, and many city councils offer discounts which can speed up the recovery of the investment.

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How many solar panels do I need in my house?

We can install 4 panels or more than 30: it depends on the area you have and on your consumption.

How many meters of your roof are available?

How much do you pay every month?

Do you prefer a quicker recovery of the investment or a greater profit in the long term?

Icono kits placas solares

Solar panel kits for homes

We have already-to-use kits to handle all requests: kits of 12 panels and the inverter, of 20 panels, with or without batteries, etc. We offer them along with the turnkey project and the installation.

We do not sell the material separately. As a certified professional company, we believe we should manage and handle the installation, especially if you want the panels to light your home during the 25 years of guarantee. Many manufacturers only offer guarantees if the equipment is handled and assembled by an authorized company, and many city councils require so to grant subsidies.

Icono autoconsumo compartido

Shared self-supply, what is it?

Would you like to surf this technological wave but you are living in a tiny apartment in the heart of the city? We have a solution for you.

You can install panels on the roof deck of the building along with all the neighbors who wish to invest in the project. You decide how much you want to invest and then we connect the installation to the main network of the building, without having to wire each of the apartments.

Easy-peasy thanks to the RD244/2019 decree, which makes shared self-supply easier. We will register the common installation so each neighbor can receive the solar kWh, which will be proportional to the investment.

Icono ayudas y subvenciones

Grants or subsidies to install solar panels at home

Self-supply is worthwhile for itself, both in financial and sustainability terms, but sweet things never made anyone bitter, right? Many cities finance photovoltaic energy with tax bylaws, even when it is shared. Discounts on the property tax bill or the construction permit tax are available: in some places, these grants can cover almost half of the installation cost. We will help you out with all the paperwork.

Since 2005

kWp installed

equivalent to 219,040 solar panels

Since 2005

MWh generated every year

equivalent to consumption of 24,262 households

t CO2 saved each year

equivalent to emissions of 20,148 vehicles

Budget of solar panels in private homes

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The solar tax was a toll that some self-supply installations had to pay from 2015. But in 2018 it was revoked and nobody had to pay that tax. Using your own energy is your right, and the European Union has safeguarded that right.
    Good question! We are called SUD («south») because facing the panels towards the South maximizes the photovoltaic production, at least in the Northern hemisphere. But maximizing does not mean optimizing. If you have roof decks with different inclinations, we may install panels on all of them so some orientations will receive more light in the morning and others in the afternoon. And with panels that are more efficient every day, they can absorb the sunlight even if they are not facing the sun perpendicularly.
    Yes, you can! Thanks to intelligent meters, your distributor will know how much energy you have poured into the network. For example, while you are working, or on holiday. In this case, for small installations (under 100kWn, that is, 99% of home installations), your distributor will compensate you in the next bill, so you don’t need to register as a producer. They will pay your kWh at a pool wholesale price, which is under the price you pay for them as the distributor has to carry that energy to the consumer. That is what we call the «economic balance», different from the «energy balance». In this case, the kWh are directly compensated, independent of the price. It is a monthly compensation, but it is limited to a 0 consumption in your electricity bill (you will not receive money). If you want a bigger installation because you have a big roof and you want to make the most of it, we advise you to register as a producer.
    Yes, indeed! There are two types of panels: thermal and electric panels. The thermal panels transform the solar energy into heat and carry that heat to a central system, to heat water. The electric panels generate electricity. The first ones were very trendy some years ago, but their maintenance is complicated (meters and meters of pipes) and are limited to hot water. And that is why from SUD, although we also install thermal panels, we always advise to install electric panels: because their technology is more efficient and innovative, which makes maintenance very simple (the manufacturers offer a 25-year guarantee) and also because once you have generated electricity, the uses are limitless. You can even heat water!
    Not at all: its mission is to be up there for 25 years, so don’t worry. The equipment is installed by professionals so you don’t need to do anything: the rain will clear the dust of the gaps and if it hails, keep calm, we can monitor your installation thanks to a communication card: if the installation stops working, our information system will warn us.
    Yes, thanks to the inverter. You can see what you generate at any time, or at the end of the day, week or month. You’ll have a login and a password to keep your information confidential.
    Absolutely not! Self-supply is 100% legal, and the Administration encourages and promotes it, as it’s one of the main pillars against global warming. Nobody will deprive you of the network electricity at night. However, if you want to be self-sufficient and get rid of your electricity bill, you should have batteries. We have made some of these installations, called «isolated», especially in natural landscapes.
    The leading country is Germany. Besides having countless photovoltaic plants (whose energy is sold to the network), hundreds of thousands of homes have solar panels on their roofs for self-supply. And Germany doesn’t get as much direct sunlight as Spain. We should definitely take Germany’s lead!
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