Photovoltaic solar panels for capsites and rural areas

Generate your own energy with solar panels at your campsite or rural area

Campsites and rural areas are places where people go to be in contact with nature and enjoy the outdoors. Is there anything more natural than taking advantage of sunlight to generate your own energy?

At SUD Renovables we have specialized in the installation of photovoltaic solar panels at campsites and rural areas, helping individuals on their way to self-consumption. Solar energy is completely renewable and clean, it does not pollute or produce greenhouse gases and also helps us save on electricity bills. These are all only advantages! Join the change.

How is an installation of solar panels in campsites and rural areas?

Icono paneles solares


These are the first cog in the wheel. The sunbeams impact on the panels and create an electric current, which we will take to your home.
Icono inversor


It has two main tasks. The first is to act as the orchestra conductor, as it coordinates and gathers the work of all panels. The second is to adapt that energy to your home’s reality, transforming the continuing electricity from the panels into alternating electricity of 220V (used by our sockets, household appliances, etc.).
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They are not mandatory, but you can store in them all the energy that you haven’t used during the day —when you generate the electricity thanks to the sunlight— and use it at night. This way, you will use even less external electricity.
Icono contador digital

Digital meter

You may remember that not so long ago the meter of our homes was changed for a digital one. Well, one of its features is that it is bidirectional: it measures the electricity that goes in, and also the one that goes out. Thanks to that, your distributor will pay for the solar energy that you pour into the network because you didn’t use it. It is essential if you don’t have batteries.

Do you have a project in mind?

Use our calculator and discover how much you can save with your installation

Frequently asked questions about the installation of solar panels for campsites and rural areas


Icono cuántas placas solares necesito
To reduce the consumption of the main service buildings (administration, reception, shop, toilets), we could be talking about 50 panels.
You can always buy the material yourself, but the installation should be done and legalized by a certified professional.
Decrease in consumption. You avoid having to ask for line extensions, which are very expensive. Very powerful selling point for the camping clients, with high nature awareness.

Do you have more questions?

Since 2005

kWp installed

equivalent to 219,040 solar panels

Since 2005

MWh generated every year

equivalent to consumption of 24,262 households

t CO2 saved each year

equivalent to emissions of 20,148 vehicles

Budget of solar panels for campsites and rural areas

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